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Our Savings Accounts offer these features:

  • Direct deposit

  • Visa Debit Card

Statement Savings

  • $100.00 minimum opening balance

  • $5.00 monthly service charge (if balance falls below $300.00)

  • $20.00 fee closing account within 90 days

  • Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly

  • Transaction limits apply

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

  • $2,500.00 minimum opening balance

  • No maximum amount limitation

  • No monthly service charge

  • Penalty-free withdrawal at maturity*

  • Interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly (Monthly interest payment optional)**

* Penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity.
** Compounding frequency- Interest will be compounded monthly, and interest will be credited to your account by monthly.


Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Saving for retirement is one of the most important steps in creating a solid financial plan.

  • $1,000 Minimum Opening Deposit

  • If you are under 70½ years of age and have earned income, interest earned is not subject to federal income tax until it is withdrawn. Also, depending on your income, your contribution could be partially or fully tax deductible.

  • Fixed Interest Rate Based on the Term of the Certificate

  • Certain Fees May Apply

  • Bank penalty for early withdrawal

  • IRS penalty for early withdrawal

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